World Peace in a Jar

World peace has arrived on earth. But it is in the form of localized globs. It must be distributed evenly around the world before it can be effective. You can help by scooping some up from the closest glob to you. Store it in a jar, let it grow, and pass it on. Kinda like those cake starters to share.

one jar



You can find directions HERE to print out and include with your jars, if you like. If you can translate them into another language, I'd be happy to post them here as well.

This is what they say:

You hold in your hands a bit of world peace which, together with all the bits that everyone else will soon hold, can be opened and let loose on the world simultaneously to bring - you guessed it - world peace.

Store in a bright warm place. Kitchen windowsill works great. Hold often.

This jar is equipped to generate about three more jars of world peace each week. You may be able to care for yours to generate more. If you wish, you can pour a bit of it into more jars and pass each to a friend, acquaintance, or anyone really, with a copy of these directions.

Once all the bits of peace have been distributed, we will have a coordinated newscast for everyone in all languages throughout the world during a coordinated world minute for everyone to open their jars and let each of their pieces of peace out.

how are world peace globs discovered?

One day while walking by a field near my house I found a glob ... I was cleaning behind something I hadn't cleaned behind in ages when I came upon a glob ... I saw a glob while visiting my aunt on a ranch near the national forest ... .

Everyone is finding globs in all sorts of places. You can too!

The first glob was found through the gift of a friend. I had casually, jokingly, but exhaustedly wished I never had to go to the bank again for quarters. Couldn't I be done with that task and move onto other tasks worth living? Could I get enough quarters this one last time to last me the rest of my parking meter, laundry, and postage stamp buying life?

Weeks later my friend and I met for dinner. She brought me a gift. She said I'd asked for it but I could not think of what it was. Sure enough, it was a jar of quarters. We both laughed. I did remember asking for them - but I didn't expect anyone would grant my wish! She reminded me, be careful what you wish for. I turned to her, smacked the back of my right hand into the palm of my left and said, "OK, woman, give me world peace! World Peace in a jar! That's what I want!!" She roared! Off we went brainstorming like two crazy people ... and this site was born. What if we all wished for it? What if we all could hold our pieces of it across the world? What if we gently and continuously asked for it along with everything we do? Could there come a time when we'd never have to ask for it again?

have a story?

Do you have a story about your World Peace in a Jar that you'd like posted here? Send it to worldpeaceinajar AT metartmorphosis DOT com.